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Sat, 12 Aug


The Minor Works Building

Winter Warmer Beginner's Qigong for Boosting Health & Wellbeing

Explore 8 Trigram Organ Qigong, a powerful, rhythmic practice that improves health and wellbeing on multiple levels.

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Winter Warmer Beginner's Qigong for Boosting Health & Wellbeing
Winter Warmer Beginner's Qigong for Boosting Health & Wellbeing

Time & Location

12 Aug 2023, 10:15 am – 11:30 am

The Minor Works Building, 22 Stamford Ct, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

About the event

Come and find out why Qigong is catching on like wildfire as a sustainable wellness practice. Take action today to learn more about how these ancient practices benefit you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS.


The Qigong:

Did you know there are over 3,000 forms of Qigong (including Tai Chi!), and that there are schools dedicated to physical movement practices, some dedicated purely to the internal arts (meditations and breathing techniques) and those which combine both?

The kind of Qigong I practise through the White Tiger Qigong School is Taoist (also written as Daoist) Medical Qigong, which combines both. Qigong is a remarkable wellness modality in that it encompasses training the body, mind and spirit simultaneously. Taoist Medical Qigong specifically targets stimulating organs and lines of energy (Qi) in the body known as Meridians. Blocked or stagnant Qi is considered to be the root cause of much sickness, pain and malfunction in the human body and psyche; regular practice of Qigong, however, helps us to restore energy pathways, optimise the function of the major organs and regulate the nervous system.

The Benefits:

What that means in practical and scientific terms is that:

a) the dynamic movement practices take your body through multiple planes of movement using ancient coiling or 'spiralling' techniques to maximise the generation and realisation of potential energy in the body,

b) the fascial matrix (connective tissue) surrounding and interpenetrating your organs and muscles starts to restore its elasticity and freedom of movement, enabling

your organs to hang freely and correctly in your body,

your limbs to enjoy greater freedom of movement and increased flexibility,

your body fluid to pump or flow more effectively into the tissues, improving oxygenation and lymphatic flow,

your Qi to flow more freely,

c) the breathing techniques cue your nervous system to switch more readily and effectively between modes of operation, so that you can optimise relaxation and recovery mode in the parasympathetic (rest and digest) state, and

d) the meditations and visualisations help to:

focus the attention,

calm the mind,

direct Qi flow,

set intention,

and bring one into deeper states of awareness of the internal landscape of one's body and mind (an activity known as interoceptive awareness), which helps to regulate emotion, mood and response.

During this course you will:

  • Learn gentle movements to open up energy channels (Meridians) in the body.
  • Explore 8 Trigram Organ Qigong, a powerful, rhythmic practice that:improves spinal health increases strength enhances flexibility and mobility guides you into better breathing habits boosts your energy helps you to learn to relax more deeply promotes fascial health through deep coiling movements that wring out the tissues brings the internal organs back into balance through gently squeezing them out
  • Experience the art of Inner Listening, tuning in to your own innate intuition and wisdom.
  • Utilise the power of your breath to improve your relaxation response.
  • Improve circulation, digestion, elimination, sleep cycles, concentration & emotional balance.
  • Discover ways to reduce stress, anxiety, body tension & pain.
  • Learn about ‘Pulsing’, and how to combine this with intention, to send Qi to different parts of the body.
  • Become familiar with Qigong meditations which help to sharpen your focus, harness your intention spirit, and assist the flow of Qi in the body.
  • Feel the power of harmonising body movement & posture with breath and spirit.
  • Enhance your sense of energy and well-being.

Bring your curiosity and enthusiasm to learn something new. Wear loose, comfortable clothes, and be prepared to go barefoot. If you need to keep your shoes on, try to wear flexible, thin-soled shoes. Your stomach should be neither too full nor too empty when you practise Qigong.

About Your Instructor: You will be expertly guided by Sarah Divine, Senior White Tiger Qigong Instructor, who also holds a master's degree in sport and exercise science. Sarah has been practising Qigong for over 13 years and teaching since 2015. She trained initially with Master Mantak Chia in the Universal Healing Tao Qigong system, and has been studying and training with Master Tevia Feng in White Tiger Qigong since 2016. She is now the most qualified White Tiger Qigong instructor in Australia.

Sarah is a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and AUSactive (formerly Fitness Australia). She is also an associate member of ESSA (Exercise & Sports Science Australia).

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